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ViUX Systems is one of a small number of SmarterTools® Lease Resellers, allowing ViUX™ to offer leased licenses for SmarterStats® — to End-Users, Businesses, even other Web Hosts.

Leasing SmarterStats licenses from ViUX saves money versus the up-front cost of purchased licenses, allowing you to pay monthly — including FREE upgrades for the life of the lease, with NO setup fees or upfront costs!

Lease SmarterStats Licenses

SmarterStats Web & Analytics

Cloud Vortex™ is an authorized Lease-Reseller of SmarterStats licenses — for as little as $15 per month! Leased SmarterStats licenses can be activated on your own server and auto-renew each month until cancelled. Best of all, when a new version of SmarterStats is released, your leased license will continue to work!

SmarterStats Professional

 50 Sites $15.00/mo Order
 250 Sites $40.00/mo Order
 1,000 Sites $75.00/mo Order
 2,500 Sites $140.00/mo Order

SmarterStats Enterprise

 50 Sites $40.00/mo Order
 250 Sites $80.00.mo Order
 1,000 Sites $125.00/mo Order
 2,500 Sites $185.00/mo Order
 5,000 Sites $250.00/mo Order
 10,000 Sites $415.00/mo Order
 20,000 Sites $665.00/mo Order
 30,000 Sites $835.00/mo Order

SmarterTools Support Plans


Leased SmarterTools Licenses are NON-refundable (billed monthly) and CANNOT be downgraded, upgraded, moved to a different server, or otherwise changed – once issued. If you ever wish to do any of these, you will need to order a NEW replacement license (as desired); and then submit a termination request for the existing license. In so doing, NO refund will be issued for the current license monthly term.

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