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Why ViUX Systems


ViUX Systems provides Managed Hosting services on Cloud Servers to individuals and businesses of all types and sizes around the world – Since 2003!

ViUX™ Managed Cloud Hosting is available in a variety of service types and levels, from: Shared Cloud Hosting, to Cloud VPS Hosting, to Dynamic Dedicated Servers, all the way up to your own Virtual Datacenter... and all within multiple secure geographically dispersed data centers, deployed upon our state-of-the-Internet Cloud Hosting System – for high-availability Cloud Hosting with 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

The ViUX Cloud Network features four levels of redundancy within its design architecture to ensure no single point of failure between your application(s) and the Internet. Multi-homing takes our redundancy to the next level by providing diverse paths for Web traffic from multiple Tier-1 ISPs. Therefore, If an ISP backbone goes down or local fiber is cut – you’re still up!

ViUX Systems has been in the business of providing Internet Technology Solutions since 2003! During this time, for ourselves and for others, ViUX has experienced and overcome many technology obstacles that may now stand in the way of your own business success. ViUX can provide the IT expertise needed to overcome such obstacles with effective use of the Cloud.

ViUX Systems has the Vision, Understanding, & eXperience needed to handle your technology needs. We invite you to read our notepad (at right); which contains ten (of many) reasons for choosing ViUX. Please also view our Client Insights and Testimonials pages to learn more about what our customers are saying about their experience with ViUX Hosting.

  • ViUX has "Vision"
  • ViUX has "Understanding"
  • ViUX has "eXperience"
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