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How a "Container" works...
How a "Container" works...
How a "Hypervisor" works...
How a "Hypervisor" works...
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ViUX™ Cloud Servers are based upon the foundation of our Hosting Automation, Control Panel, and Virtualization Systems from Parallels®.

ViUX™ Cloud Servers are created as Parallels Containers or Hypervisors – deployed and managed by Parallels® Business Automation Standard, which is our Hosting Automation, Account Management, and Billing System – with optional integrated Server Management via Parallels® Plesk Panel... all hosted on our state-of-the-Internet Cloud Hosting System.

Parallels® Virtuozzo Containers

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers

ViUX™ Cloud Servers are based upon Parallels® Virtuozzo Containers – an Operating System (OS) Virtualization solution that creates Virtual Private Servers (VPS) as "Containers"... lightweight and powerful Virtual Servers – in the Cloud.

Parallels® Virtuozzo Containers is now integrated within Parallels® Cloud Server – which is the Cloud Server and Cloud Storage system in use by ViUX Hosting. A Cloud Server deployed as a Virtuozzo Container via Parallels® Cloud Server – becomes a highly reliable and fault-torrent Virtual Server with blazing fast performance, burstable resources, on dynamic Cloud Storage!

With a ViUX™ Cloud Server as a Virtuozzo Container – WE handle OS updates and patches on your behalf. YOU have full remote / root-level access, ability to install applications, reboot the server, view / run backups and restores, etc...

Starting at only $30 per month for: 1 GB of Memory; 1 GHz CPU Power on 4 Virtual CPUs; & 20 GB of Disk Space – a ViUX™ Cloud Server created as a "Container" using Parallels® Virtuozzo Containers is best for those who may not be server administrators and/or do not want to handle OS updates and patches on their own – BUT require a Virtual Private Server with full access / control, and dynamic scalability.

How does a Cloud Server work as a Virtuozzo Container?

Operating System (OS) Virtualization is streamlined for best performance, management, and efficiency. At the base resides a standard host OS, which in the case of Parallels® Virtuozzo Containers, that includes both Windows or Linux.

Next is the virtualization layer with a proprietary file system and a kernel service abstraction layer that ensure isolation and security of resources between Containers.

The virtualization layer makes each Container appear as a stand-alone server. Finally, each Container holds the hosted websites and applications, or other such workload – all deployed on dynamic Cloud Storage.

As an OS Virtualization solution, the unique Virtuozzo Architecture, light overhead, efficient design, feature completeness, and proven performance, enables Virtuozzo to provide for the most effective use of hardware, software, and server resources.

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