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WordPress Cloud Hosting

for Web Developers, Designers & Resellers

Your Web Server now knows your favorite Web Application... WordPress - better than ever before! Just sit back and let Parallels® Plesk 12 WordPress Toolkit keep your WordPress Websites up-to-date, fast, and secure.






Reseller Server

WordPress Hosting

with Plesk 12 WordPress Toolkit
  • Improved WordPress Security
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Manage Personal & Client Sites
  • One Interface for Everything
  • Premium Dell® Cloud Servers
  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • 24/7 Expert WordPress Support

Fast, Secure & Smarter WordPress Hosting using Plesk 12 - from the company that knows them best...
Cloud Vortex has been recognized by Parallels as Americas Partner of the Year

Including Plesk 12 with WordPress Toolkit

from $20/mo

What's Included in Plesk 12 WordPress Toolkit?

For Starter, Professional & Premium Editions:

Unified WP Management

Manage all your WordPress sites with ease within a single interface for every Website in one place.

Unified WP Login

No need to remember multiple passwords... Now you can login to each WP Dashboard via Plesk 12.

Bulk Customizations

You can dig even deeper and install, activate, disable or remove WordPress Plug-ins or Themes directly from within Plesk 12.

Automatic Updates

Manually update your WordPress Websites individually, in bulk or enable automatic updates to always be up-to-date and secure.

Increased Security

Plesk 12 has built-in WordPress Security and knows WordPress Websites better and is designed to keep them secure at all levels.

1-Click WP Installation

No need to manually upload WordPress, create databases, etc... Installation of WordPress in Plesk 12 is easy and automatic.

For Premium Edition only:

Distributed Resources

Specify & allocate each individual WordPress Website to have custom resources per client / site - full resource distribution control.


Start your own Web Hosting business with this powerful reseller system... even able to create custom plans and service bundles.

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